Registration Agreement

You agree, throu gh your use of this forum, that you will not post any mater ial which is false, defam atory , inacc urate , abusi ve, vulga r, hatef ul, haras sing, obsce ne, profa ne, sexua lly orien ted, threa tenin g, invas ive of a perso n's priva cy, adult mater ial, or other wise in viola tion of any Inter natio nal or Unite d State s Feder al law. You also agree not to post any copyr ighte d mater ial unles s you own the copyr ight or you have writt en conse nt from the owner of the copyr ighte d mater ial. Spam, flood ing, adver tisem ents, chain lette rs, pyram id schem es, and solic itati ons are also forbi dden on this forum .

Note that it is impos sible for the staff or the owner s of this forum to confi rm the valid ity of posts . Pleas e remem ber that we do not activ ely monit or the poste d messa ges, and as such, are not respo nsibl e for the conte nt conta ined withi n. We do not warra nt the accur acy, compl etene ss, or usefu lness of any infor matio n prese nted. The poste d messa ges expre ss the views of the autho r, and not neces saril y the views of this forum, its staff, its subsi diari es, or this forum's owner . Anyon e who feels that a poste d messa ge is objec tiona ble is encou raged to notif y an admin istra tor or moder ator of this forum immed iatel y. The staff and the owner of this forum reser ve the right to remov e objec tiona ble conte nt, withi n a reaso nable time frame, if they deter mine that remov al is neces sary. This is a manua l proce ss, howev er, pleas e reali ze that they may not be able to remov e or edit parti cular messa ges immed iatel y. This polic y appli es to membe r profi le infor matio n as well.

You remai n solel y respo nsibl e for the conte nt of your poste d messa ges. Furth ermor e, you agree to indem nify and hold harml ess the owner s of this forum, any relat ed websi tes to this forum, its staff, and its subsi diari es. The owner s of this forum also reser ve the right to revea l your ident ity (or any other relat ed infor matio n colle cted on this servi ce) in the event of a forma l compl aint or legal actio n arisi ng from any situa tion cause d by your use of this forum .

You have the abili ty, as you regis ter, to choos e your usern ame. We advis e that you keep the name appro priat e. With this user accou nt you are about to regis ter, you agree to never give your passw ord out to anoth er perso n excep t an admin istra tor, for your prote ction and for valid ity reaso ns. You also agree to NEVER use anoth er perso n's accou nt for any reaso n.  We also HIGHL Y recom mend you use a compl ex and uniqu e passw ord for your accou nt, to preve nt accou nt theft .

After you regis ter and login to this forum, you will be able to fill out a detai led profi le. It is your respo nsibi lity to prese nt clean and accur ate infor matio n. Any infor matio n the forum owner or staff deter mines to be inacc urate or vulga r in natur e will be remov ed, with or witho ut prior notic e. Appro priat e sanct ions may be appli cable .

Pleas e note that with each post, your IP addre ss is recor ded, in the event that you need to be banne d from this forum or your ISP conta cted. This will only happe n in the event of a major viola tion of this agree ment.

Also note that the softw are place s a cooki e, a text file conta ining bits of infor matio n (such as your usern ame and passw ord), in your brows er's cache . This is ONLY used to keep you logge d in/out. The softw are does not colle ct or send any other form of infor matio n to your compu ter.